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about us

Beat brewery began as the idea of one man’s daydreaming in corporate training days, which he turned into a reality. Created in Somerset the idea expanded over a couple of years to a point where demand had meant more time & investment was needed. In July 2018 Beat Brewery was purchased by Topcat Brewery Limited and relocated up the M5 and is now brewed in Lye situated in the heart of the West Midlands.

We have made a promise to remain true to all recipes and ingredients that were originally created in Somerset, so to keep that beautiful Beat Brewery taste.

We are a genuine microbrewery.

Everything we make and do is us, no one else.


All of our beers are completely natural and suitable for vegans. We do not use isinglass finings (A.K.A. fish guts) that are traditionally used to make beers appear clear. It does this by dropping yeast AND REALLY TASTY HOP FLAVOURS to the bottom of casks. This will happen with our beers too, but just not as rapidly and they won't be crystal clear, rather with a natural mystic haze.

It's funny that adding isinglass - a grim gooey substance made from fish guts - has been accepted for so long. It may have been relevant back in the day when you needed to know that a pint was fit to drink by it being crystal clear. Thankfully, those days are long gone.

Our beers benefit from not having fish guts in them because they are tastier, 100% natural, vegan friendly and BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE FISH GUTS IN THEM.

music inspired

Beat Brewery was founded with a mission to unite our love of music and beer.

We combine the mastery of craft beer with the artistry of some of the most influential music around.

Each of our beers has been paired with a music genre and is brewed with the beats on LOUD! 




our brewery

We are a genuine 5BBL microbrewery. We use traditional, manual brewing methods & use natural ingredients

We believe our beers are at their best in their most natural form:

• Cask – cask conditioned

• Keg – keg conditioned & suitable for vegetarians

• Bottle – bottle conditioned

We are an Assured Independent British Craft Brewer.

We are SIBA Food Safety & Quality Standard (FSQ) audit approved.