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The idea for Beat Ales came about as a result of an accumulation of intense daydreaming in too many corporate training days. I had the same thought as many (only it stuck), it’s high-time to slide off this greasy ladder made of bad ties, personal development and a steady career by turning to alcohol…

We are a genuine microbrewery. Everything we make and do is us, no one else.

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We are what we LOVE – BEER and MUSIC. We celebrate the diversity of our two biggest LOVES by pairing our favourite timeless beers with music that reflects them.

Just like our logo, our pump badges are record sleeve inspired. They’re a vinyl look CD that has some hidden tracks on, inside a mini-record sleeve; with a clear plastic protective wallet.

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We are a genuine 5BBL microbrewery. We use traditional, manual brewing methods & use natural ingredients

We believe our beers are at their best in their most natural form:

•Cask – cask conditioned

•Keg – keg conditioned & suitable for vegetarians

•Bottle – bottle conditioned

•Can – coming soon…

We are an Assured Independent British Craft Brewer.

We are SIBA Food Safety & Quality Standard (FSQ) audit approved.

We are the originator of a truly one of a kind UK beer – our Glam Rock is an fresh lychee infused IPA.