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Alcohol By Volume.


Raver Session Pale 3.8%

Embodying the highs of the psychedelic party scene, Raver is a refreshing pale ale enriched with bass bouncing hops for that feel-good buzz night to noon.

From humble beginnings in country fields to abandoned warehouses in Berlin, the self-expressive undertones of rave have exploded into a worldwide phenomenon. Join the party and come together as one.

Taste notes:

A light pale ale that is clean and hoppy with citrus aromas.


New Wave Golden Ale 4.5%

Surging out of the punk era, our golden ale steals the scene through its unpredictable, colourful and fruity flavours.

This beer will satisfy the MTV generation’s hypnotic like thirst for hops, though in an unexpected way – through its refined and eclectic assortment.

Taste notes:

Golden ale with fruit flavours of tangerine, melon and apricot.


Metal Head Dark Roast Stout 4.8%

Relentlessly smashing eardrums and shattering musical boundaries for generations, Metal Head is a dark stout brewed in honour of the brooding guitar riffs and thundering bass of metal.

It’s smooth yet amplified taste comes from a mix of dark and daring malts played together for the perfect powerhouse. Crank the amps up to 11!

Taste notes:

Blend of six malts giving flavours of vanilla, chocolate and blackcurrant.


Rocka American Pale Ale 5.3%

Blending the strong rhythm and blues of American hops with straight country pale malts, Rocka is a heritage beer with a taste that’s truly rock ‘n’ roll.

The robust hoppiness of Rocka is brewed in honour of the free spirit of a generation. A rebellion against the traditional. The legacy lives on.

Taste Notes:

Huge citrus and tropical fruit notes combined with a touch of pine and spice.


Funk Dry Hopped IPA 5.5%

Packed with New World hops, Funk is bursting with tropical and citrus notes guaranteed to get your groove on when the bassline drops.

Dedicated to the funk warriors of the 20th century, our signature IPA will have you dreaming of bellbottoms and dance floor fillers faster than you can say “play that funky music”. Yep, we went there.

Taste notes:

Colossal tropical hop flavours with a simple malt base.


Cosmic Pop Black IPA 6%

The ultimate yin-yang beer, Cosmic Pop hits the sweet spot between complex and twisting hop flavours and dark roast goodness.

It’s time to let loose your inhibitions and launch your mind into the stratosphere where darkness meets the light.

Taste notes:

Hop flavours of grapefruit, lemon and pine are offset against a dark malt centre.


Indie Rock Dry Hopped Porter 5.3%

A complex blend of five types of malt and generous helping of dry hops gives Indie Rock that independent do-it-yourself feel.

Indie Rock is free to explore a smooth, dark and deep chocolatey base.

Taste notes:

Strong coffee aroma with hints of spice and pine.