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Session Pale Ale 3.8%

This beer embodies the hedonism of rave with bassy, bouncing hops & a taste that keeps on giving all day & all night (just without the pills & bellyaches).

Raver is a light pale ale with a clean and hoppy taste, with citrus aromas.

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Amber Ale 4.3%

Malt driven ale that has a distinct biscuity taste with herbal & fruity aromas.

Our modern interpretation of a classic that, like the mod, will live forever. A true face with its quintessential British hops that have been styled with a twist of the unpredictable.


Metal Head

Stout 4.8%

Dark stout driven by a perfect blend of 6 different malts. It has smooth vanilla, chocolate & fruity blackcurrant favours.

This stout’s monstrous wall of taste come from its distorted mix of dark & daring malt that will get your head banging. Turn it up to 11!



American Pale Ale 5.3%

This heritage beer blends the strong rhythm and blues of American hops with straight country pale malts for a taste that is truly rock ‘n’ roll.

Massive citrus and tropical fruit notes combined with a touch of pine and spice.

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Glam Rock

Lychee IPA 6.5%

In the spirit of oddity, this beer is infused with fresh lychee that gives it a persona that’ll blow your mind. Glam Rock dares to be different.

Fruity IPA with fragrant aromas of exotic fresh lychee, citrus & tangerine; giving a juicy sweetness.

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